Banking law / Financing

Banking law has been one of the main areas of activity and competence of Buchalik Brömme ever since we were founded. Several of our lawyers were active in specialized departments (law, workout, securities, etc.) of major German banks and are conversant with the ways of thinking and the decision-making in financial institutions. This is the basis for successful cooperation as well as goal-oriented negotiations with financial institutions.

While we analyse a situation in terms of classic credit law, we also examine trustee, pool and consortium agreements, administer creditor pools or, while a company is being turned around, we act as trustees of the company’s shares. Beyond the realm of banking law our expertise also includes broad areas of capital market law and consulting on financing matters. We advise and support our clients in designing and making use of a wide range of financing solutions and we develop hybrid financing models, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. We assist international lenders and investors in, among other things, the acquisition of participations and in NPL transactions.

Main aspects of our range of services:

  • Legislation on loan agreements and collateral security law (loan, collateral and trustee agreements) as well as loan transaction
  • support and administration of creditor/collateral pools
  • financing of projects, real estate and acquisitions
  • hybrid forms of financing (e.g. mezzanine)
  • advising of creditors and investors, e.g. in NPL transactions.