Jochen Rechtmann



Lawyer since 1995
Specialist in Bank and Capital Market Law
Law studies at the universities of Bonn and Passau
born 1967


Banking and Capital Markets Law

  • loan and loan collateral law
  • turnaround pooling agreements
  • forfaiting
  • NPL transactions
  • structured financing
  • law of guarantees and securities
  • trusteeship models
  • contractual trust agreements (CTA)

Insolvency law and turnaround

  • review and avoidance of insolvency application obligations
  • criminal insolvency law
  • law of objection
  • loan agreements with assets

Corporate law

  • obligations of legal entities in crisis
  • group financing
  • lecturer on topics related to loan
  • loan collateral and insolvency law



Consultant for labour and social security law at the Zentralverband gewerblicher Verbundgruppen [Central Association of Commercial Associations], Bonn

1995 to 2003

Specialist/legal counsel at the main legal department at Commerzbank AG, Berlin / Frankfurt a.M.

since 2003

Lawyer at Buchalik Brömmekamp Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt